Help your pet sitter help you

||Help your pet sitter help you

Help your pet sitter help you

Tip number one is the biggie …

Be honest! We want to know everything about your pet – the good, the bad and the ugly. The more we know the better we can serve you. There is absolutely no need to think that we are going to turn you down if you have a dog who gets spooked by the sound of a motorbike or if your cat typically gets an upset tummy on the first night you’re away. However, these little nuggets of info will help us be better prepared when your pooch leaps a mile in the air the next time a bike goes by or we get a surprise when we go to clear out the litter tray on morning number one of your holiday.

Always ensure you update your online account to ensure the latest information is available and leave out a note with the medicine with the latest instructions as to how to give this to your pet.

We appreciate that you may have already given us medical advice when you registered your pet but situations change and we may not have the latest information on our database.

It’s handy for us and your pet to let us know of any tips or tricks we can try which will help us to feed your cat, dog or rabbit. For instance, if your pets need to take a pill is there a favourite food we can hide it in and, just as important, is there anything we should avoid.

Veterinary surgery, pet passport and vaccinations
Please ensure that your pet is registered with a local vet and is up to date with all of their vaccinations and boosters as well as the little extras. For instance, if it’s tick season have you bought them a collar for the time you’ll be away? Is your dog due to be wormed whilst you’re away? You’ll need to leave out the worming tablet with instructions on how best to feed it to young Fido.

Emergency contacts
It may sound obvious but make sure your emergency contact knows they are your emergency contact. Several times we’ve had to get in contact with clients’ emergency contacts only to find out they’re on holiday too! The essential details are name, telephone number (landline and mobile if possible) and an email address.

Make it easy – for us and your pets. Ensure there is enough food for the duration of your holiday. It’s always better to have too much than not enough. Keep everything within reach (human reach not cheeky kitty reach!). If food needs to be weighed or measured leave out the scales, teaspoons etc.

Essentially, the less time we have to spend on the fundamental parts of our visits, such as feeding your pet a good meal and cleaning litter trays, cages and hutches, the more time we have to interact, play and snuggle with your pet.


An essential part of any cat home visit is cleaning the litter tray. Again, the less time we have to spend on the fundamental parts of our visits the more time we have to interact, play and snuggle with your pet.

Please leave a scoop, plenty of good quality litter and your preferred cleaning fluid and utensils. Cats can get very particular about their toilet. We always carry with us our own cleaning fluids etc but cats are very sensitive to changes in any smells and if they don’t take kindly to our pet friendly detergents you may come home to a few, slightly whiffy, hidden kitty ‘presents’.

Leads, harnesses, collars, clothing and toys etc.
Always ensure you leave out well fitting harnesses, collars and clothing and ensure the clasps of collars, leads, harnesses and clothing are secure and in good working order.

Leave all the toys together in one place and let us know of any favourites. In this way, it’s easy for us to start playing with your pet as soon as we can and we can save time having to hunt down any missing favourite toys.

Remember, we value your feedback so if there’s anything extra we can do to make your life and that of your fur baby, easier please get in touch

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